BIOLINKS Bulk/Customized SMS service is a reliable and scalable message delivery platform that allows businesses and Bulk SMS resellers connect to the BIOLINKS SMS gateway and send SMS in bulk to their clientele via BIOLINKS secure and reliable connection.
With BIOLINKS Bulk SMS service, customers can send SMS over a fast and secure connection from their own smart devices.
This service will cater to customers’ needs for SMS broadcast in areas such as marketing campaigns, promotional activities, special season’s greetings, political awareness/campaigns, result notifications, product advertisement and so on.

Who is BIOLINKS Bulk/Customized SMS service for?

This service is ideal for businesses, value-adding service providers and corporates who require a reliable and secure local message delivery platform for sending large volume of SMS to their clientele.
Registering and using BIOLINKS Bulk SMS service is simple, easy and seamless; making it the best choice for customers who want convenience, reliability and a flexible SMS delivery and payment solution.


  • Instant and guaranteed delivery of messages
  • SMS are sent directly from your system or server through the reliable and secure BIOLINKS SMS gateway
  • Highly accessible anytime you want with a technology that is compliant with modern business needs
  • Competitive pricing and ability to select from available Bulk SMS bundles
  • No access fees, hidden charges or setup costs incurred on this service

Key Features

  • Supports the use of Alpha Tag when sending SMS
  • Compliant with NCC policy on unsolicited messages
  • SMS can be sent to local and international destinations.

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